You need to develop new animal models and you are looking for help ?

Vetsalius can organize customized training sessions, including regulatory courses. Training sessions could be held on site or at local partners’ site, all over Europe, in the US or in China.

French regulatory courses

People performing surgeries in laboratory animals should follow a regulatory surgery training course (see French implementing decrees of 2010/63/UE Directive). Vetsalius offers a 22 to 29 hours course, validated by the French Ministry (reference: I-69VETSALIUS-CHIR-14 ( I-69VETSALIUS-CHIR-14).

This course includes a mandatory session of 3 days, covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to Experimental Models of Surgery
  • Surgical Unit Organization
  • Anesthesia and Analgesia for Surgery
  • Appropriate Use and Maintenance of Surgical Tools
  • Use of Magnification Devices
  • Aseptic Surgery
  • General Surgical Techniques : Thoracic and Abdominal Cavity Approach
  • Hemostasis
  • Suture
  • Monitoring
  • Perioperative Care
  • Many hands-on ex vivo sessions are included, such as: suture on training pads, aseptic workshop and anesthesia challenge.

    Additional and optional in vivo hands-on sessions can be organized after the initial 3 days course, with the approval of local IACUC. In this case, the procedures performed during the session are adapted to participants’ specific needs.

    This regulatory training course can be organized on site and its organization can be customized (6 half days of training instead of 3 full days for example). Do not hesitate to contact Vetsalius to discuss custom made programs opportunities.

    100% of the participants reported that they were “satisfied” or “highly satisfied” by the course.

    Examples of recent feedbacks:

    « It is much more interesting to follow a course that is strain specific. The program is not too busy, allowing many interactions. Questions can easily be asked, even for very specific topics. Thank you!»
    Frederic Delbos, INSERM
    « The trainer is answering all attendees questions, including very specific ones: thank you! »
    Fabienne Haspot, CHU Nantes
    « A lot of practical examples are used to illustrate the presentations. The training is focusing on what is really important: it is very good! »
    Laura Droctové, CEA
    « Thank you very much for this very enriching training, interactive and dynamic! The quality and the quantity of delivered information is adapted to the public »,
    Benjamin Lauzier CHU Nantes
    Technical training course

    Vetsalius can provide standard or customized training solutions. The objective is helping surgeons of any background to develop new animal models quickly and efficiently, in compliance with the 3Rs.

    Example of training courses topics available:

  • Anesthesia and Analgesia of Laboratory Animals
  • Refinement of Suture Techniques
  • Refinement of Peri-operative Care
  • Training on Specific Techniques in small or large animal models, such as:
  • Vascular catheterization
    Cerebral cannula implantation
    Bile duct catheterization
    Implantation of medical devices in critical size defect
    Blood sampling

    Training could be held on customer site or at Vetsalius partners’ local laboratories.

    The program and the duration of the course are adapted to attendees’ skills and objectives.

    The above list of models in not exhaustive, please contact Vetsalius for any information.